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[VIDEO] The ‘Unbreakable’ Productive Workers’ Army

The Productive Workers’ Army is a social movement made up of workers, Venezuelan men and women, who decided to join together in order to face the aggression befalling the country. They seek to recover the assets in public companies and institutions, communes and productive facilities that Venezuela needs to protect its people. They do it through voluntary work, spurred on by the revolutionary spirit of a people who want to save themselves.

If you’d like to contact the Productive Workers’ Army you can reach them at:

Twiter: @EjercitoObrero
Instagram: Ejercito Productivo Obrero
YouTube: Ejercito Productivo Obrero
Facebook: Ejercito Productivo Obrero

Tatuy Tv: Mayra Soto, Jessica Pernia, Rukleman Palacios, Joshua Wilson, Juan Lenzo


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